What is Indoqq?

In the last few months, my website has been inundated with visitors from India looking for information on Indoqq (or Indian translation services as they are also known in English). Many have no idea what we do and how much we charge for our services. Some of those people that do know are not happy with the price that we charge and some of them don’t even know where to start.

I was amazed to see how many different websites were offering the same thing for very different prices. Some had free trials and some had to pay up front for their services. The free trial offers were usually very short and did not really give you any idea what you would be getting for the money. They just wanted to try and sell you a product or service that they said was worth your money.

Many of these sites also would offer a free trial but would only give you the information necessary to download the software and register for an email account. These emails were all filled with spam and they weren’t very helpful to the user. When the trial expired, I would then be asked to pay to sign up for the software.

You will not find the same type of support, if you use a free trial for your Indoqq India translation software. I am talking about full support with a good phone line and a knowledgeable staff that can answer all your questions quickly. The free trial doesn’t really give you anything more than a basic understanding of the program. I have seen many websites offer a free trial that is nothing more than a “test run” before the final price is charged.

If you are using a free trial for your Indoqq India translation software, I recommend that you move on to another site. These kinds of free trials usually lead to a full price registration. This is often what you are paying for and it shouldn’t be something that you have to do. It just seems like such a waste of your money.

The other type of free trial offers are the ones that have a nominal fee that is used to start up and keep the online Indian translation services running. These are also a waste of money. Most of the time when this is offered, the website owner or a company wants you to pay in order to make their business grow.